The Weald


The Weald

"Spring makes me happy, getting stars in my eyes."
"Happiness resides in our heart..."
The voices of timbers echo gently, and sometimes wildly.

Hirao district of Nishi Yoshino village in Nara. This documentary film describes some 6 families living in the rich and wild, natural environment.

Filming The Weald started right after the completion of Suzaku, Kawase's first feature film, in the same location. Suzaku depicted the human touch of the people living in the small village along with the bitter environment of nature and various problems arising from depopulation. While filming it, Kawase felt something in mind, something she cannot represent through fiction films. "I have to film the documentary of the people in this place... I want to."

This strong will moves Kawase to make The Weald, and this film resulted in describing the inner feelings of the lifetime residents in an unaffected and artless tone. In front of her camera, the elderly villagers become boys and girls, fathers and mothers, and sometimes boyfriends and girlfriends...

Kawase asks the elderly, "What is happiness?"
"Happiness resides in our heart. Even rich people cannot become happy if they are disliked by others," answers the elderly.
Kawase waves her hand saying "I'll see you again." "Come see me when I'll be born again and turn 18," the elderly woman smiles.
They talk calmly and sometimes strongly.
The Weald is one other real story of Suzaku.

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