White Moon


White Moon

Long ago. Since Nara was the capital of ancient Japan, nothing has changed in this place. The sublime landscape of Nara since then. In this traditional place, there lives a young lad Taichi. This is the fiction film describing Taichi's everyday life.

Taichi lives with his grandmother, parents and young sister. He works for a security company and enjoys some drinks after work. That is his life. One day, he meets a girl named Midori at a bar. On the following day, when he is on the way home, on the usual route, he sees a very beautiful evening view. He gets an idea of going the long way around. At the time, he finds the girl Midori walking ahead of him. That is a coincidental event, under the orange-gleaming sky. The young couple starts feeling affection, day by day, toward each other, yet...

The story follows the sweet love and ordinary but peaceful moments of the young couple, described in a realistic tone. At the end of the story, however, the unforeseeable incident strikes Taichi, too shocking for the audience to think of the reason why. By depicting an unordinary event happening all of a sudden in an ordinary day, the ending scene inquires of us the significance of being individual.

"Are you living in the present moment with honest and sincerity?"

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