Nishi Yoshino Village in Nara. A small village suffering from depopulation due to the depressed economy in forestry. Tahara Kozo and his family also make their life in forestry in this village. One day, there arises a business project of tunnel construction for railroad through the village. The demand for railway is high for the villagers, and so Kozo gets himself involved in this project.

The humble and peaceful days of the Tahara have passed gently. However, suddenly, the construction is suspended, and the tunnel, as a result, remains unfinished, just like a ruin.

After 15 years, Kozo loses his vitality for working and his family's livelihood comes to depend on his nephew Eisuke's income. Kozo's daughter Michiru, used to attach herself to Eisuke as her real brother, falls in secret love with him while Eisuke has a secret admirer of Kozo's wife Yasuyo. One day, Kozo goes out with his favorite 8mm camera but never comes home. His family, holding their share of sorrow, leaves this village and each family member starts to face his/her own life...

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