Director Kawase to give lecture as part of the 2022 Kochi-Prefecture Cultural Human Resource Development Program
"Tokyo 2020 Olympics SIDE:A/SIDE:B" to be screened at the 52nd International Film Festival Rotterdam!
Naomi Kawase Appointed President of the Jury for the 44th Cairo International Film Festival!
Naomi Kawase's Designation as UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador
『なら国際映画祭 for Youth 2021』開催決定
Media Coverage: Tokyu Hotels Magazine "COMFORTS".
The new film "ASA GA KURU" will be released on June 5th
The interview of the "NHK WORLD"
"Naomi Kawase retrospective" at the National Film Archive of Japan
ANA interview "Ready For Takeoff"

あん ブルーレイ・DVD発売中



Filmmaker based in Nara, Japan

Born and raised in Nara, KAWASE graduated from Visual Arts Osaka in 1989. Her films, ‘Embracing’ and ‘KATATSUMORI’ received international recognitions and awards at the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival in 1995. With her first feature, SUZAKU (1997), she became the youngest filmmaker to receive the Camera d’Or at the Festival de Cannes with her. At the Fesitival de Cannes, she has also won the Grand Prix with The Mourning Forest /MOGARI (2007), the Carrosse d’Or in 2009, and also served as one of the jurors for the competition in 2013. In 2015, KAWASE was bestowed with the Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters) by the French Minister of Culture. In 2017,“Hikari”(RADIANCE) was selected as one of the competition films and given Ecumenical Jury awards. She appointed the direct Official Film of the Olympics Game Tokyo 2020.

Aside from being a filmmaker, she is the founder and Executive Director for the Nara International Film Festival.


For your inquiries to Naomi Kawase or about our works, please contact KUMIE Inc.

  • Vision(Fiction Feature)Vision
  • Radiance(Fiction Feature)Radiance
  • AN (2015)(Fiction Feature)AN (2015)
  • Still the Water (2014)(Fiction Feature)Still the Water (2014)
  • HANEZU (2011)(Fiction Feature)HANEZU (2011)
  • NANAYO (2008)(Fiction Feature)NANAYO (2008)
  • MOGARI-The Mourning Forest (2007)(Fiction Feature)MOGARI-The Mourning Forest (2007)
  • SHARA (2003)(Fiction Feature)SHARA (2003)
  • HOTARU / Firefly (2000)(Fiction Feature)HOTARU / Firefly (2000)
  • SUZAKU (1997)(Fiction Feature)SUZAKU (1997)
  • CHIRI / Trace (2012)(Documentary)CHIRI / Trace (2012)
  • GENPIN (2010)(Documentary)GENPIN (2010)
  • TARACHIME (Birth/Mother) (2006)(Documentary)TARACHIME (Birth/Mother) (2006)
  • KAGE-Shadow (2004)(Documentary)KAGE-Shadow (2004)
  • Letter from a Yellow Cherry Blossom (2002)(Documentary)Letter from a Yellow Cherry Blossom (2002)
  • The Weald (1997)(Documentary)The Weald (1997)
  • Mangekyo-Kaleidoscope (1999)(Documentary)Mangekyo-Kaleidoscope (1999)
  • Kya Ka Ra BaA (Sky, Wind, Fire, Water, Earth) (2001)(Documentary)Kya Ka Ra BaA (Sky, Wind, Fire, Water, Earth) (2001)
  • This World (1996)(Documentary)This World (1996)
  • Sun on the Horizon (1996)(Documentary)Sun on the Horizon (1996)
  • See the Heaven (1995)(Documentary)See the Heaven (1995)
  • KATATSUMORI (1994)(Documentary)KATATSUMORI (1994)
  • Embracing (1992)(Documentary)Embracing (1992)
  • KOMA (2009)(Fiction, Medium-Length)KOMA (2009)
  • A Field of Wasabi (2012)(Short)A Field of Wasabi (2012)
  • WASURE NAGUSA (2011)(Short)WASURE NAGUSA (2011)
  • HOME (2011)(Short)HOME (2011)
  • INORI (2012)(Docufiction)INORI (2012)