Naomi Kawase Retrospective at MoMA 〈6/25-7/14〉

Naomi Kawase Retrospective at MoMA 6/25-7/14

The retrospective will be held June 25th- July 14th at MoMA, Museum of Modern Art in New York city.

MoMA Naomi Kawase June.25-July.14

▷Documentary Films 25

▷Feature Fiction Films 8

▷Latest Short Films 3

▷Produce Films 2

All 38 films will be screening for two times each, and continue for 20 days.

Naomi will be joining for the opening, and Master class.

▶June 25th 19:30- SUZAKU Ticket

▶June 26th 13:00- Naomi Kawase Master Class 120min Ticket

*Starting time has been changed, please double check!

It is the first time in North America to hold retrospective in this scale.

Please join us !!