"Tokyo 2020 Olympics SIDE:A/SIDE:B" to be screened at the 52nd International Film Festival Rotterdam!

The 52nd International Film Festival Rotterdam will be held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, from January 25, 2023 to February 5, 2023.

"Tokyo 2020 Olympics SIDE:A" and "Tokyo 2020 Olympics SIDE:B" have both been selected to be screened at the 52nd International Film Festival Rotterdam. This will mark the Dutch premiere of "SIDE:A" and the international premiere of "SIDE:B."

Established for the 50th Rotterdam International Film Festival in 2021, The Harbour section reflects Rotterdam's identity as a port city and will screen a deep and wide range of contemporary cinema from around the world.

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Below follows a comment from Kawase:

SIDE:A of the film focuses on the athletes. I feel that the scenes focusing on the reality of athletes who are also mothers are, in particular, very important records for reflecting upon this era. I also hope that viewers can see the film as a record of this era of competitions wherein the transition is evident from traditional sports to new sports (especially skateboarding, surfing, 3x3, sport climbing, etc.).

SIDE:B showcases how the Olympics were held during the Covid-19 pandemic disaster.

How did they overcome the challenge of conducting the sports festival that was the first ever to be postponed for a year without spectators?

I wanted to convey to humans living 100 years from now how we overcame this less than once-in-a-century event, and I wanted to do it through the gaze of a child.

The Rotterdam Film Festival is a very memorable festival for me as it was where my first film, "Suzaku," was screened.

I am grateful to be back here again and to begin the journey of this film