HANEZU (2011)

Fiction Feature

2011 / 91min / DCP・HD

The Asuka region is the birthplace of Japan. Here, in ancient times, there were those who fulfilled their lives in the midst of waiting. Modern people, apparently having lost this sense of waiting, seem unable to feel grateful for the present, and cling to the illusion that all things will move constantly forward according to one's own plan.
In ancient times, there were three small mountains that people believed were inhabited by gods. They were Mt. Unebi, Mt. Miminashi, and Mt. Kagu, and they still stand. In that time, a powerful official used the mountains as a metaphor for a struggle inside his own heart. The mountains were an expression of human karma.
Time has passed into the present. Takumi and Kayoko, inheriting the unfulfilled hopes of their grandparents, live out their lives. Their tale continues a story of the ages, representing the uncountable souls that have accumulated in this land.

ENG Website: http://international.memento-films.com/catalogue/hanezu (Memento Films)
JPN Website: http://www.hanezu.com/

Award / Invitation

Festival de Cannes 2014, Official Selection, In Competition Best Feature Film, Sguardi Altrove Film Festival
Grand Prix,International Women Film Festival of SALE

Crews & Productions

Writer/Director Naomi KAWASE
Produced by Kashihara-Takaichi Regional Administrative Association KUMIE


Tohta KOMIZU, Hako OSHIMA, Tetsuya AKIKAWA, Akaji MARO, Kirin KIKI