Fiction Feature

2018 / Japan and France/ 110 min

©Kumie Inc, Slot Machine & LDH JAPAN

Jeanne, a French journalist, comes to Japan in search of 'Vision', a rare medicinal herb said to strip away all spiritual anguish and weaknesses in human beings. She knows that 'Vision' only appears under special conditions and that time is near. Aki, a wise villager who knows the forest well, prophesies the arrival of the mysterious 'One' and then disappears. Tomo, who was devoted to Aki, works as a keeper of the forests and is beginning to sense, instinctively, recent changes in the mountains. Is there a connection between the disappearance of Aki and the changes taking place in the forest? Will Jeanne succeed in finding the phantom herb Vision? A millennial event is taking place in the Yoshino Mountains of Nara, opening a door to the One and the true potential of human existence.

Crews & Productions

Written & Directed by Naomi Kawase
Cinematographer Arata Dodo
Lighting Designer Yasuhiro Ota
Sound Recordist Roman Dymny, Eiji Mori
Set Decorator Setsuko Shiokawa
Editor Francois Gedigier, Yoichi Shibuya
Sound Editor Roman Dymny
Sound Mixer Niels Barletta
Hair Designer Setsuko Yoshino,
Make up Artist Céline Planchenault
Stylist Megumi Mochizuki
VFX Superviser Kazuyori Kosaka
VFX Director Tetsuya Shiraishi
Production Manager Takashi Matsumura


Juliette Binoche / Masatoshi Nagase
Takanori Iwata / Minami / Mirai Moriyama / Kou / Kazuko Shirakawa / JIJI・Boo
Min Tanaka / Mari Natsuki

Distribution : LDH PICTURES