Letter from a Yellow Cherry Blossom (2002)


2002 / 65min / 8mm & Video

The final days of Nishii Kazuo, photography critic who was a driving force behind Japan's photography world. Nishii, who only has a few months to live, asks the director Kawase to film him. Shaken, she begins her regular visits to his bedside from the following day. The director talks to him with her video camera rolling as Nishii desperately tries to respond. Nishii himself has a still camera in hand, and clicks the shutter on director Kawase while she films. The exchange between the filmmaker and the film-object weaves a "memory of time shared" that continues to live on.

Award / Invitation

International Film Festival Marseille
International Film Festival Rotterdam
Infinity Film Festival
Visions du Reel
Taipei International Documentary Film Festival
and many other festivals...

Crews & Productions

Directed by: Naomi Kawase
Production: Visual Arts College, Sent Inc., KUMIE


Kazuo Nishii, Chizuko Nishii