TARACHIME (Birth/Mother) (2006)


2006 / Video / 39 min

The director raises her voice in anger, blaming her foster mother for threatening to abandon her as a young girl. Her impatience with her foster mother's senility, and her affectionate gaze on the aging naked body. The birth of her son. Twelve years after Katatsumori, her first film about her foster mother, the director depicts one life growing old and drawing closer to death even as another life is bestowed through birth. This moving work quietly juxtaposes the two.

Director's Statement:

This film was intended to portray a span of time from the day I became pregnant with another life through to the birth of that life. But, while making the film, I realized it wasn't simply a story about just this one "life." Before long, it had sublimated itself into a film portraying the ties between lives.

Crews & Productions

Directed by: Naomi Kawase
Co-produced by: Arte France
Production: KUMIE, Sent Inc.


Uno Kawase, Mitsuki, Naomi Kawase